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Crista Megee
Crista Megee
Freelance Concept Artist & Character Designer
Portage, United States of America


Hello! My name is Crista and I'm a freelance concept artist who enjoys bringing characters to life! Whether it's for a tabletop RPG character portrait or concept work for a video game, I'm here to make it happen; all live on twitch for your viewing pleasure.

Education :

East Tennessee State University, Johnson City, TN
Bachelor's of Science, 2012
Majored in Digital Media

Game Development Work :

* Freelancing character designer (2012-present)
* Created official poster artwork for the podcasts Champions of the Earth as well as Plunders & Blunders (2018)
* Drafted and created a prototype game called Bloom for Pen & Paper Game Jam (2018)
* Commissioned for ending slate splash page for Visual Novel Inverness Nights on (2017)
* Worked on a small project for the Blueberry Game Jam called The Mighty Will Fall (2017)
* Worked with the writers and cast of VAST for several non-canon Field Guide pieces (2017)
* Created a one page RPG freely available on my Patreon (2017)
* Beta Tested Sunless Seas' Zubmariner expansion by Failbetter Games (2016)
* Drafted and prototyped a tabletop game called Tourney (2014)

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Software proficiency

PaintTool SAI
PaintTool SAI