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VAST: Season 1 cast, Chibi Edition

This was a passion project for the amazing people who have worked on VAST. Over the course of the series I've come to get to know the cast and crew behind the scenes and wanted to make something with enough detail and color to show how vibrant they all are on screen.
Characters of Starcrosser Avalon played by:
Amy Dallan (@enthusiamy), Gina Devito (@pocketgina), Jeff Torres (@Iamjefftorres), Kate Leth (@Kateleth), Collin Kelly (@CPKelly)
Characters of the Screaming Valor played by:
Max Issacson (@brosismovies), Ray Utarnachitt (@rayutar), Jody Houser (@Jody_Houser), Dylan DoVale (@Dylan_DoVale), Jon Callan (@JonCallan)
And GM'd over by the ever inspiring Jackson Lanzing (@JacksonLanzing)

Crista megee stickersfinal

Crew of the Starcrosser Avalon

Crista megee stickers2finalsm

Crew of the Screaming Valor

Crista megee detailgi

Detail of Good Idea

Crista megee detaillulu

Detail of Lulu

Crista megee detailnydar

Detail of Nydar

Crista megee detailtkaah

Detail of Tkaah

Crista megee detailviz

Detail of Visionary Destroyer

Crista megee jacksonbig

GM Jackson Lanzing (@JacksonLanzing)