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VAST: Alien Bestiary Series

This has been a fan project when I first started watching the show and garnered the attention of the crew. I got a shout out on air prior to an episode after the first one! In fact, the Sweet Relief species that sparked it all, created by Sam de Leve (@ChaiKovsky) is perhaps the reason why this ongoing series exists. After they saw the first one I worked with them to figure out exactly how the internal structure of their custom species in the game worked and it produced some work I am very proud of.

Crista megee bestiary1

Sweet Relief

Crista megee bestiary2

Brightest Eye

Crista megee bestiary3


Crista megee bestiary4


Crista megee bestiary5

Ymeran Hunting Wolves

Crista megee bestiary6


Crista megee bestiary7

Terrans (aka Humans)

Crista megee sw1

Anatomy of a Sweet Relief 1

Crista megee sw2

Anatomy of a Sweet Relief 2

Crista megee sw3

Anatomy of a Sweet Relief 3

Crista megee sw4

Anatomy of a Sweet Relief 4

Crista megee swforsam

Anatomy of a Sweet Relief