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Ritual- Abandoned Game Jam Game

For the month of October I was invited to work on a small team on a game themed on a 1700's-1800's Russian cult. Zdislava was a girl to be sacrificed to stave off the endless winter only to run away in hopes of finding freedom. The design was based on paper cut outs, torn & crinkled paper, and the significance of color.

Crista megee ritual concept

Zdislava concept art, main character, style choice and color/texture tests

Crista megee ritual girl2

Zdislava concept art, main character, choosing final elements

Crista megee run test

Zdislava run cycle test

Crista megee run final

Zdislava run cycle final

Crista megee gamejam fake screenshot

Background test with bars

Crista megee gamejam fake screenshot2

Background test